Black Holes and Revelations

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I miss smoking weed.

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Decided to install my EVE shwag.  I’ve spent most of my 3 years playing in Minmatar space so that explains the tattoo.  I still don’t have a back story for the arm, maybe I lost it but haven’t been podded in awhile.

Doing a bit of space piracy.

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I wonder if people can appreciate their grandparents until they spend a lot of time with them, it turns out mine loves a song I do as well, and he’s pushing past 90. It’s moments like that I feel connected with eternity. (Any Muse fan might hear recognize the similarities between this and space dementia). Men like him make me no longer fear death, time spent being anxious over mortality can be remedied with both history and beauty.

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On a roam in an Incursus with some buds. Went 3-1




Get rid of your boundaries and the universe is yours.

i know i reblog this a lot but fuckin look at it

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Brawlger III during a roam. She was destroyed shortly after.

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